The Pony People

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Although the title of this blog sounds a bit on the creepy side and may lead you to believe that I’m going to talk about inbred rednecks that go on pony killing sprees; I’m actually not going to talk about any of that. No, The Pony People are the ones that I call die-hard pony owners. When talking with Pony People, I’ve noticed their dedication in their words. In mostly humble ways, they talk of their ponies and their greatness. It is a love you would see in dog and horse owners however there is more of a personal connection happening that I see with Pony People. So I’m going to talk a bit about ponies and try to find out why people are so committed and honored to be Pony People.

There is little information available on the number of ponies that are owned throughout the world. Although there is claim that in Scotland the pony population exceeds the number of human population.

One breed of pony, the Exmoor, according to the BBC,has been around since the time of Sabre-Toothed Tigers and Wolly Mammoths but now faces extinction. These ponies were traditionally used for plowing fields, delivering goods, and for bringing children to school in the snow. Their population today is a shy 2,700 due to the second World War. During that time, these ponies were used as target practice for soldiers and were stolen by thieves and eaten for meat. This surge brought the Exmoor population down to around 50. Breeding efforts are still underway, in hopes of taking this breed off of the endangered species list. If you would like to help, contact the Exmoor Pony Society to find out more.

Ponies are an excellent choice for blossoming child riders. Their smaller stature and gentle temperament makes them less dangerous for an unpolished young one to be around than its larger cousin the horse.

Ponies have been used for a wide number of things including: coal mining, farming, riding, transporting goods, jumping, and pulling carriages. Some ponies are exhibited in breed shows.

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Ponies are easier to care for than a horse. They require similar, if not exact, methods of care however, they require less amount of thatcare. For example, although both horse and pony need hay, a pony  will consume less.

It’s no wonder Pony People have such an affinity for these animals. They’re kind and gentle temperament, small size, low maintenance, and all around versatility make them the type of pet that any person would feel comfortable around.

To find out more about ponies or to make a difference in a pony’s life, click here,

United States Pony Club

UK Pony Club

Exmoor Pony Society

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