Horse 101: Equine?… What??

For those that are unfamiliar with the horse world; they find themselves also unfamiliar with the term: EQUINE. When they come across the words Equestrian, Equitation, Equidae, etc, it is like the mind blanks it out as it reads it. It is only when you become familiar enough with the horse world that you are able to understand and actually use these words yourself.

So what does it mean?

Whenever you hear this term it is usually in reference to a horse. Nine out of ten times you can simply replace the word; with the word HORSE and you’ll still be able to follow along. Similar to the way canine relates to DOG, and feline relates to CAT- Equine= Horse. However, to technically refer to an equine is to refer to any species in the Equus family. These include domestic Horses, Donkeys, Ponies, Mules, and also wild species such as Zebras, Onagers, and Asses. There are also extinct species of equine that biologists can prove to have existed such as the Equus Simplicidens aka the “Hagerman Horse/ American Zebra.”


Image result for hagerman horse
Illustration of American Zebra

Merriam Webster adds the fact that the word was initially used as far back as 1776 and comes from the latin word Equinus to mean: Horse.


arrows box business chalk

So keeping in mind that anything “Equi”- has SOMETHING to do with a horse; words like Equestrian, Equitation, ect become so much easier to understand.

Equestrian: One who rides on horseback

Equitation: The ACT or ART of riding on horseback

And now you can go out and remain confident when talking horse talk.

Image result for mister ed
Mister Ed, the talking horse



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