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Animals In Entertainment: The Godfather’s Stray

In the beginning of The Godfather film, Marlon Brando is seen holding, petting and even playing  with a silver tabby.

3570-309x316.jpg (309×309)
Don Vito Corleone with his cat

Francis Ford Coppola explained in an interview with Time magazine that the cat had been found running around the studio. Coppola scooped up the stray and, “Put it in his (Brando’s) hands without (saying) a word.” Reportedly, the cat purred so loudly throughout the scene that Brando’s dialogue was almost inaudible.

Marlon Brando was a huge cat fan to begin with.  On one occasion, he was reported to have said, ” I live in my cat’s house.”

Marlon Brando and his cat

It’s no wonder Brando and the stray were able to create such a powerful opening scene. Which, for some people, lead to the development of a few metaphoric meanings behind it.

Not much is known about the cat’s whereabouts after the scene was filmed, but we can be sure that the cat knew he could go to Brando for “protection” if he needed it.



Animals in Entertainment: Bubba!

Bubba’s Award Winning Photo

Recently a member of our own household became an Animal In Entertainment. Bubba won the Pets’ Pride week #14 Contest from our local radio station WBLM!

Bubba showed his Patriots pride by wearing his Tom Brady shirt. That and his adorable face won him his spot on week #14.

WBLM is giving all of their winners a $50 gift card to a small niche’ pet shop in the Portland area.

When I was contacted by ‘BLM staff, they asked for a bit of history on Bubba. Here it is:

Bubba (Formerly known as Bobby) was surrendered to a shelter in Macon, Ga when he was 3 months old. After his stay there for a couple months, he made his way North. Many Southern shelters like to reach out to their Northern friends becasue there are far less “kill” shelters in the North.

So Bubba (Bobby) made his way to the frozen northern states to be taken in by a shelter there.

Bubba at the shelter

And there he stayed for 3 years!

Until we came along in September. I had all intentions of looking at puppies that day but Bubba’s non-chalant kitty way pursuaded me otherwise. I quickly and quietly opened the latch of his kennel door. I wasn’t sure if the general public was allowed to hold the cats without a shelter employee’s permission, but Bubba was worth the risk.

I opened up that door and put him right on my lap. He was so cool, calm, and collected. I fell in love.

I was able to convnce my mate that Bubba was needed in our household and soon after that we had signed off on his adoption papers.

Bubba didn’t come without flaws. He doesn’t really know how to purr since, he didn’t have much reason to. He also didn’t know how to be aorund other cats since he had grown up being rather anti-social. He had some dental issues and wasn’t very used to being touched and handled.

Bubba gets to see the outside world



But in spite of his initial challenges, Bubs has blossomed into the most loving kitty.


Congratulations Bubba!