The Miracle Aquarium

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Although the number one household pet in the world is the dog, which is then followed by the cat; Fish head up the number three spot.

Many research has been done in the past decade on the health benefits of household pets, and much information has surfaced in the world of the fish.

So much amazing information has been found in fact, that medical offices, dental offices, therapeutic service professionals, and more, are considering utilizing these benefits in their everyday practices.

A 2004 study revealed that emotions such as fear, anxiety, and depression in patients sitting in waiting rooms before their medical exams, were lowered by 12% when an aquarium was present in the waiting room.

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One study in the UK proved that watching an aquarium reduced people’s heart rates by 7% and their blood pressure by 4%.

Furthermore, the benefits of a fish tank are proving to be beneficial for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. In one scientific study, having an aquarium present increased the appetite of dementia patients by 25% and reduced behavioral outbursts, along with increasing attention span by up to 30 minutes.

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Just about every person in the world, regardless of age, medical condition, status, color, or creed, can benefit from owning an aquarium. Scientists have narrowed down the natural ability for water to calm and relax the human brain.

The sound of running water alone, provides a harmonious landscape for the mind to tune into.

Scientists have identified as well the various colors and the number of fish in each tank, are a factor in easing the human psyche. Is it the vibrant colors that take our attention away to such a degree that we no longer can focus on unpleasant thoughts? Or the fact that so many various types of fish can seemingly coexist with such ease that we, as human beings, can only wish to acheive in our daily lives?

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Is it the smooth, effortless movement that fish exhibit, that our brains identify and possibly hopes for, so that our own lives could be lived so effortlessly as well? Is it the lighting in the tank provides an ambiance of peace and tranquility that can fill a room? Is it that we can harness nature in our own homes?

Even the movement of artificial seaweed can be hypnotic. The colors and textures of the rocks display the sharp contrast of two different elements working together in true prosperity.

For whatever the reason, our human senses can tune into the magic of an aquarium with so many natural, overlooked, newly-discovered benefits that remain unique to each individual, and remind the human spirit to take time out of their day to enjoy the synchronicity and beauty in life.

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