Arctic Animals Are Dying; Here’s What You Can Do About It

The Arctic Circle is home to 5,500 species of animals. Many of which cannot survive in other types of terrain and currently are barely surviving now, in their home terrain.

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A severely malnourished Polar Bear

Scientists have been warning us for decades about climate change and the effects of global warming. At this current date, little to no changes in human behavior have occurred.

As the human population grows and continues to turn a blind eye; more and more natural wildlife die.

Baby Harp Seals like this one are getting crushed by melting ice and drowning in shifting waters according to National Geographic

The planet Mars is a perfect example of what will, not can but will, happen if climate change is not halted. Mars is believed to have once been a twin to the planet Earth. Although somewhat smaller in size, evidence shows that the once green, water filled planet’s atmosphere was stripped away and left vulnerable to the sun’s radioactive waves. If you’ve never seen Mars; here’s a picture:

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Mars. It has polar ice caps too, but all life has been stripped from the planet.


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Chances are the people reading this, are genuinely kind, caring, and animal-loving individuals. Therefore, you all most likely already get the point.

I know that it’s hard to change. I know there are some small fears that prevent us all from becoming something or someone different. Having a car is necessary, for many of us. Having electric light bulbs in our houses, again, is a necessity. However, small, painless changes can be made. And the result of every small, painless change, will mean another arctic animal gets to live.

Here is what we can do NOW, to break the cycle:

Carpool: I know it’s weird at first, but I stumbled on the majesty of the concept. My neighbor and I get along. We ride together almost everywhere, or we walk if we can. What began as a kind of awkward thing at first, eventually became a really good friendship.

Use Public Transit: It’s often cheaper than filling up your tank of petrol/gasoline anyway!

Ride A Bike: You don’t have to be Lance Armstrong about it. But on occasion and if the situation fits; why not? Your doctor would probably be happy to hear about it.

Walk if you can

Use Renewable Resources: Solar power, wind power, Hydropower, etc. All of these not only can provide fuel for your lightbulbs but heat as well. Where I’m from, we have ONE power company with one ring to rule us all, and honestly, just being able to stick it to them makes me want to buy some solar panels! Although incredibly expensive at first, they definitely pay off in the long run. (solar panels are becoming super affordable now)

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Plant a tree: check out the Arbor Day Foundation to find out more

Grandma’s Adage: Unplug your appliances, Turn off lights that aren’t in use, line dry your clothes if possible; all that stuff that Grandma would tell you to do

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“Turn off the lights and eat your vegetables!”                 Photo by Pixabay on

There are so many more things you can do that I have not listed like, buying electric cars or hybrids and growing your own crops.

One of the greatest producers of carbon dioxide (the stuff that’s eroding our atmosphere) are actually cattle farms. Vast amounts of land is taken up by herds of cattle used for human consumption. Not only do the animals themselves generate large amounts of carbon dioxide, but the practice and process is borderline inhumane in it’s own right. So TRY to eat less meat. I can’t say go Vegan because I myself would never be able to do that BUT balance is key. Make sure you’re getting your proteins to keep your body healthy but have the awareness that there are other ways of getting protein as well.

Arctic Animals are not the only species at risk because of global warming. They are simply the precursors. The omen. A clear sign of what will happen to the earth if we don’t stop.

We can all do something about this. No matter how seemingly small, or “on occasion” it is.

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