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The Mainely Pets Foundation

It is rare to find individuals who genuinely enjoy their jobs. Those who wake up everyday with a sense of duty and with a keen, open eye for the next step in their pursuit of their passion. As rare as these individuals are, it is even more rare to find people who dare to take that passion further.

For a small group of Veterinary Doctors in Maine, providing outstanding care for every animal that came into their office, simply wasn’t enough. The sense that more could be done in helping animals and their owners, became a powerful driving force that did not go unheard.

DVM Oonagh Wack


DVM Brian Graves
DVM Douglas Andrews


So in August of 2017, DVMs Oonagh Wack, Brian Graves, Doug Andrews and a handful of other individuals, created a non-profit foundation.

This foundation brought together their passion, committment, and talent for veterinary medicine. With their collaborative minds they created a very unique organization.

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They recognized that more animals are in need of medical care than just the ones that come into their exam rooms. They also recognized that not every one is able to afford that medical care for their pets in need.

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Their process is incredibly simple. With approval of a submitted application, Mainely Pets Foundation will help pet owners and rescue groups, cover the cost of medical care.

If you have found yourself in a tough financial situation, and your animal needs immediate medical care; do not let your pet suffer and please reach out to this organization.


I’m sure most of you remember Bubba from my “Tips From Bubba” series.

Bubba had a tremendously painful gum disease which caused him to experience pain all day and night and especially when he ate. Bubba’s pain was so bad that he immediately would turn away when offered food. The cost of care to even begin correcting his Stomatitis was tremendous. That was where Mainely Pets Foundation stepped in.

Bubba asks for fresh water from the tub faucet shortly after his mouth surgery

If you live in the state of Maine in the US, and are in need of financial aid for your pets medical care, you can submit an application request by clicking this link.

To donate to this amazing foundation and help them to continue helping pets like Bubba, click here.

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If your pet needs help, please reach out. There are other foundations similar to Mainely Pets in the U.S., that can help residents off all states. The Pet Fund is one example. There are also MANY foundations country-wide, that aim at covering spay/neuter costs. In fact, that number is so great, I would not be able to list them all in this post, so if you’re animal is in need of spay/neuter help, call a local veterinarian in your area or a local animal shelter who will be able to tell you more.

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Pet Obesity Awareness Day

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Today is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day in America. Over half of the pet population in the U.S. are overweight. There are some simple steps you can take to maintain proper weight in your pet, which lead to tremendous benefits.

It’s so easy to let your pet and your own weight management go out the window. Your 40 hour work week, your physical and/or mental limitations, your schedule and agenda, your life demands, sometimes leave you with little room for anything else to accomplish; like talking your dog for a walk.

But there are some really simple things you can do. Even if you are couch-bound after a long day at work; grab a toy and play with your cat. Throw a ball over your shoulder for your dog to chase after. Engaging your pet in exercise does not necessarily mean you have to awkwardly put your jogging pants on and run a quarter-mile with them. Take your dog for a casual stroll around your neighborhood. Even 10 to 15 minuets of walking is beneficial to your pets health and your own.

Better yet; make it fun. There are many canine toys on the market that help to stimulate your dogs mind. Try giving them a puzzle to solve while keeping their legs moving. However try to avoid games that include treats; like Kong’s. This would be counter-productive to keeping your pets weight in line. Cats as well, can be stimulated by sound. Strumming your fingers on a table nearby or crumpling up a ball of paper for them to chase, is also a super easy way to get your cat interested and potentially active.

For some owners, it is hard to get their animal intrigued at anything at all. Some owners have the Garfield cat or the Snoopy dog that just lays around all day. This can be changed. Your pet is most likely used to the idea of not having to be active. So if at first, your pet doesn’t pounce at your new idea; try, try again. Eventually your pet will understand that you are attempting to make a change in the day’s program.

In the case where a person may be disabled and unable to provide a pet with adequate exercise, there are many websites such as and petsitter, that offer pet services for a fee. You can set your own price and create your own ad, for someone in your area to come and exercise your pet for you.

There are so many advantages to keeping your pet active. Not only is it healthy for them- it is also healthy for you. Many cats, dogs, birds, horses, etc have a tendency to act out when not properly exercised. Certain health issues may develop as well, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and other illnesses that could cost your pet their life. Having a healthier animal means less trips to the vet, lower food bills, and more. To find out more information on pet obesity and things that you can do to right now to have a more active pet, click here.

If you already keep your pet active; then a big round of applause to you. Although pet food manufacturers may not like the idea of less treats; your pets do. Keep up the good work!